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The Move It Program is an effort of the State of Maryland to educate the motoring public on what to do when they are involved in a vehicle collision. A specific objective is to raise the public awareness of Maryland's law, Transportation Code, Section 20-103, which states in part that "the driver of each vehicle involved in an accident that results only in damage to an attended vehicle or other attended property immediately shall stop the vehicle as close as possible to the scene of the accident, without obstructing traffic more than necessary." Thus, if there are no injuries and the vehicles are still drivable, simply move the vehicles off the travel lanes, exchange information for insurance claims, and move on. Call the police if there is an injury, a vehicle cannot be moved off the travel lane, a driver appears to be intoxicated, a driver does not have a license, a driver tries to leave the scene without providing the proper information, or public property has been damaged.